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Nice to meet you! I am the founder of Village Life Parenting: A locally owned, family focused non-profit organization that seeks to provide uniquely tailored education and support to families of all shapes and sizes. Have you ever heard the old saying “It takes a Village?” This is the concept that we base our values and educational outcomes on.

Village Life Parenting was created to provide uniquely crafted holistic support to parents, children and their families and they navigate this journey we call life.

My personal experience as a parent of four, homeschooling mom, ABA therapist, Early Childhood Educator and primary care provider have culminated in over a decade of diverse experience that has instilled in me a passion for guiding families on their journey.

Hi there, I'm Rachel! 


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"It's so hard to remember that PLAY is the language of children. Lean into it. It's 1000% ok to use humor, play little games and even sing a song in the midst of a discipline struggle. It doesn't make you a "soft" parent. It makes you a parent who's bottom line is keeping your connection with your child."

Rachel Tran

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​Village Life Parenting has created a positive, uplifting space for parents not only to vent but also to receive ideas, support, and encouragement. This Facebook group is ideal for any parent who wants to be intentional about gleaning information from a diverse collection of people, lifestyles, and experiences. ​


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